Fabulous Vintage Photos of Marilyn Monroe Reading Books

While Marilyn Monroe is often remembered for her iconic beauty and glamorous roles, there was another side to her that many don’t know: the avid reader and intellectual.  Beneath the surface of Hollywood’s blonde bombshell was a woman with a deep appreciation for literature and a thirst for knowledge.

Monroe’s love for books began in her childhood, despite a difficult upbringing. She found solace in reading, often escaping into the worlds created by authors like Dostoevsky and Hemingway. She carried this love of learning throughout her life, always seeking to expand her knowledge and understanding.

Monroe’s personal library had a diverse range of books. It included works by renowned authors like James Joyce, Walt Whitman, and Albert Camus, as well as books on philosophy, psychology, and art. She wasn’t afraid to tackle challenging subjects, always eager to learn new things.

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Monroe’s intellectual curiosity often surprised those who only knew her through her films. She was a regular visitor to bookstores and libraries, and she often engaged in deep conversations about literature and ideas. She saw reading to broaden her horizons and connect with the world on a deeper level.Monroe was particularly drawn to poetry. She admired the works of poets like Carl Sandburg and e.e. cummings, finding beauty and meaning in their words. She even wrote poetry herself, expressing her emotions and thoughts in a private and intimate way.Even while working on film sets, Monroe often had a book in hand. She would read between takes, immersing herself in stories and characters. This love of reading not only enriched her personal life but also informed her acting, allowing her to bring greater depth and understanding to her roles.

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