Is This Tomorrow: America Under Communism! A Vivid Comic Book of 1947 America’s Communist Fears

In 1947, amidst the height of post-World War II tensions and the onset of the Cold War, a unique and provocative comic book was published titled “Is This Tomorrow: America Under Communism!” This comic was a vivid representation of the era’s fears and anxieties surrounding the spread of communism, commonly referred to as the Red Scare.

“Is This Tomorrow” was produced by the Catechetical Guild Educational Society, a Catholic organization. The comic book was part of a larger genre of American propaganda at the time, which aimed to educate and warn the public about the perceived threats of communism. This 48-page comic book was particularly striking in its use of vivid imagery and dramatic narratives to convey its anti-communist message.

The storyline of “Is This Tomorrow” was designed to evoke fear and caution. It depicted a hypothetical future where communists had taken over the United States, leading to disastrous consequences. The narrative showed how communists infiltrated various aspects of American society, including the government, schools, and even churches. The plot progressed to show the United States crumbling under communist rule, with freedoms eroding and American values being suppressed.

Visually, the comic was characterized by bold and often sensational illustrations. The use of stark contrasts, dramatic facial expressions, and action-packed scenes served to heighten the sense of urgency and danger the comic aimed to convey. The artists behind “Is This Tomorrow” employed these techniques to create an emotional impact, ensuring that the message was not only read but felt by its audience.

The Book was distributed widely and was particularly popular in schools and youth organizations. Its publication reflected the broader societal fears of the time, where anti-communist sentiment was rampant and often resulted in campaigns against perceived communist sympathizers in various sectors of American society, including Hollywood, the media, and government. It’s content and message were a product of its time, a period when the United States was grappling with the start of the Cold War and the ideological battle against the Soviet Union. It reflected the intense anti-communist sentiment prevalent in American society and served as a tool for disseminating this viewpoint to a broad audience.

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