Hilariously Creative Comparison Photos from Satirical Magazine 'Lilliput', 1940

These hilariously creative comparison photographs were published in 101 Best Picture Comparisons From Lilliput or Chamberlain and the Beautiful Llam. This collection of highlights from the monthly British magazine Lilliput devoted to art, humour, short stories, and photographs. Lilliput – ‘The Pocket Magazine for Everyone – was founded in July 1937 by photojournalist Stefan Lorant, whose memoir I Was Hitler’s Prisoner sold many printings. In addition to editing Münchner Illustrierte Presse, one of Germany’s finest picture magazines, Lorant co-founded Picture Post with publisher Sir Edward G. Hulton in 1938.

In 1940, Hulton bought Lilliput, and the editorship was taken over by Tom Hopkinson and Kaye Webb, who later married cartoonist Ronald Searle, best known for creating St Trinian’s School. There were many famous contributors to Lilliput, including covers by Czech-German illustrator Walter Trier and features by H.E. Bates, Bill Brandt, Brassa, Aleister Crowley, Robert Doisneau, and C. S. Forester, Robert Graves, Nancy Mitford, V. S. Pritchett, and Sir Sacheverell Sitwell.

#2 The three that wanted to dance (and) The girl who wanted to fly

#3 Stoneheads Uneathed in mexico (and) Baseball player

#6 President of the Board of Trade (and) Mr. Frank W. Wilson of New England

#9 Vera Zorina and Arashensky (and) Clem Atlee and a Friend

#10 Members of the Boranas tribe (and) Racing Entbusiasts

#12 The dragonfly’s embrace is fatal but the swimming-pool has its dangers too

#13 Bulldog breed Racing Enthusiasts Winston Churchill

#15 Statue of an unknown man in the Vatican (and) Rt. Hon. Hugh Dalton, M.P

#18 DR. Goebbels in His home (and) Lemur monkey with her young

#21 London Dray-horses (and) Harry Roy and his wife, Princess Pearl of Sarawak

#22 Champion Black Poodle (and) Sir Donald Somervell Attorney General

#25 The Long, Gordon Richards, Champion Jockey, and Robert Redmond, Golf Prfessionals (and) And The Short Mr. Winston Churchill and Lord Halifax

#28 A Moulin Rouge Dancer of the Last Century (and) An Empire Games Champion

#30 The famous angel in Rheims Cathedral, built over 700 years ago (and) Centuries later a striking resemblance is seen in Louisette Bouniol

#32 A Borneo Monkey (and) Jimmy Durante the American film actor

#34 M Bonnet french foreign minister (and) Salmon breasted cockatoo

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