Stunning Photos of a Girl Posing in a Studio, 1987

Throughout the 1980s, fashion featured bold colors, styles, and silhouettes-and plentiful perms. There were ripped tights, biker jackets, oversized blazers, blazers and poof skirts, and style icons, including Joan Jett, Joan Collins, and others.

Gloria Vanderbilt, Jordache, Calvin Klein, and Guess were among the most popular denim designers during the 1980s. Younger women, teens, and girls enjoyed wearing designer jeans, which came in various colors and styles. The jeans came in wide-leg styles, stretch pull-on styles, and colored tones. The pants had a high waistline and a tight fit through the hips. The majority of jeans had flat fronts, but pleated front jeans were also available. In addition to these pleated front pants, mature women often wore a wide selection of other styles.

Below are some beautiful Kodachrome slides from Steve Martin of a woman modeling in a studio.

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