Fascinating Vintage Photos that Show France in 1953

1953 in France started with the conclusion of Operation Bretagne. The French Priest and the Concept of Christian Unity promoter, Paul Couturier, died in March 1953. The French Government agreed to the provisional independence of Cambodia with King Norodom Sihanouk, and eventually, Cambodia gained complete independence on 9th November 1953.

Four Million workers went on strike in France to protest against the austerity measures, and the strike ended after 12 days. Here below are some fascinating vintage photos that show what France looked like in 1953.

#1 Panorama of Nice-Including Pasteur Hospital, France, 1954

#6 Coast Nr Cap D’Antibes-Mistral Blowing, Nice, France, 1953

#10 Tourette-15th Century Village of Gorge Du Loup, France, 1953

#16 Villeneuve-Les Avignon- From Avignon, France, 1953

#17 Port St Amore at Villeneuve-Les-Avignon-Across from Avignon, France, 1953

#18 Cathedral and Tower of Popes Palace Avignon, France, 1953

#20 Pont d’Avignon from Les Rochers- Avignon, France, 1953

#25 Bathing Beach of River Gardon from Pont du Gard- Provence, France, 1953

#26 Augustus Arch- Original Wall- Nimes, France, 1953

#32 Eiffel Tower- Palais de Chaillot in background-Paris, France, 1953

#33 Ecole Militaire from under Eiffel Tower- Paris, France, 1953

#35 Seine River and Alexander III Bridge from Eiffel Tower- Paris, France, 1953

#39 Les Invalides-Notre Dame-St Sulphide-Pantheon-Paris, France, 1953

#45 Champs Elysees- From Arch of Triumph- Paris, France, 1953

#47 Corner Champs Elysees and FD Roosevelt Ave- Paris, France, 1953

#49 Restaurant Le Majeste- Champs Elysees- Paris, France, 1953

#59 Replica of Arch of Septimus Severus in Rome, Paris, France, 1953

#65 Notre Dame and the Book Stalls- Paris, France, 1953

#72 Les Invalides- Napoleons Tomb, Paris, France, 1953

#77 Alexandre III Bridge- Medallion- Paris, France, 1953

#78 Alexandre III Bridge on the Seine- Paris, France, 1953

#79 Place de la Concorde and Seine, Paris, France, 1953

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