Desolate London: Stunning Ghostly Photos of London’s Streets and Landmarks from the Late 19th Century

There is something scary, yet captivating about abandoned places. They remind us about the people who used to live there and now they are gone. When you try to imagine these people and their lives, each picture gets a special aura of nostalgia and a touch of haunted house feeling.

These photos show empty streets, homes, shops, and landmarks of London from the late 19th century. Every Londoner would instinctively understand the loneliness and emptiness in these photos. The infrastructure of modern London is mostly congested, tiny apartments and streets, and there are too many people in too small space. You may be familiar with these places but now they have been replaced with new buildings, homes, and landmarks.

#2 Two girls lurk in the yard behind this old house in the Palace Yard, Lambeth.

#4 A girl watches from a balcony at the Oxford Arms while boys stand in the shadow below.

#7 The Oxford Arms, Warwick Lane, looking from Warwick Lane

#11 At the back of St Bartholomew’s, Smithfield, 1877.

#13 A man peers from the window of a chemists’ at the corner of Lower James St and Brewer St.

#18 A woman lingers in front of the butcher in Borough High St, Southwark.

#19 A porter puts down his basket in the street at the corner of Cheapside and Friday St.

#24 A conversation at the entrance to Inner Temple, Fleet St.

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