Beautiful Vintage Photos of Classic Actresses Smoking Cigarettes

Undoubtedly, smoking is injurious to health and it is a terrible activity that makes everyone around you uncomfortable. However, there is something unique about smoking that it automatically makes a person cool. Especially when a character is supposed to be rebellious, famous, or just super cool. It plays on the psychology of not caring whether you live or die.

Just like every other product when there was a golden period for cigarettes, tobacco companies advertised their product through celebrities. That way, the viewers would automatically feel the need to copy the actor or get a sense of their coolness and would resort to buying cigarettes.

Smoking used to be normal, not cool nor disgusting, but more in line with having a coffee or tea or other habitual acts. As we found out the harmful impact on our health our perspective about the smoker changed and the rebellious persona faded away.

Here below are some fabulous photos of classic actresses smoking cigarettes. Also, check our previous collection of smoking beauties.

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