Brighton Subculture in the 1990s: Fascinating Photos of Rebellious Brighton’s Youth

In the 1980s and 1990s, national brewery chains began setting up large ‘super-pubs’ in Brighton, complete with corporate themes or a ‘house style.’ These so-called ‘ superclubs, small independent pubs were accused of being squeezed out of business due to their cheap food and drink promotions—the Zap club and parties on the beach. Located within the King’s Road arches, The Zap is now known as The Arch. Brighton partygoers enjoyed the acid house music at the venue for most of the 90s.

Several traditional pubs were converted into trendy bars and cafes during the 1990s due to the growth and influence of local pub chains C-Side and Zel. Stylish bars formed the meeting points for people preparing for evening dance clubs, reflecting the emergence of the club scene. C-Side’s Kate Johnson noted, “I think there is still a place for small independent pubs.”. People now want stylish bars to go to before going to clubs in Brighton.

The 1990s were often reminiscent, while others wanted to know more about Brighton’s past to see what they wanted the city to achieve. The Quaffer took these photos to document Brighton’s alternative scene in 1994.

#1 We’re not Goths!” Ayng and Jenny, white-faced in the Prince George, Trafalgar Street, 30th July 1994

#6 Jenny (“I’m definitely not a goth!”), white-faced at the Prince George, Trafalgar Street, 30th July 1994

#28 Piera in Dislocator Records, April 1994.

Piera in Dislocator Records, April 1994.

This was at 92c Redcross Street, off Trafalgar Street, and is now the 'Tucked Away' Sandwich & Coffee Shop

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  1. Brighton was at its best in the 90s. Growing up in Brighton had a positive impact on me and my friends during that time that I don’t think my parents will ever understand.

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