Beautiful Photos of Ann Sheridan in the 1938 Film Angels with Dirty Faces

Released in 1938 by Warner Bros and directed by the talented Michael Curtiz, “Angels with Dirty Faces” explores the intertwined lives of childhood friends who find themselves on opposite sides of morality as adults. Starring the legendary James Cagney alongside Pat O’Brien, Humphrey Bogart, and Ann Sheridan.

 The film isn’t just about James Cagney’s iconic portrayal of Rocky Sullivan. Alongside Cagney’s bravado shines another star – the luminous Ann Sheridan, bringing depth and heart to the role of Laury Martin.

Laury is Rocky’s childhood friend, a woman who remembers him before his descent into the world of crime. Their bond runs deep, a reminder of a time before Rocky became notorious. Sheridan portrays Laury with a strength that cuts through Rocky’s hardened exterior. While Rocky’s loyalty to his childhood friend Pat (played by Pat O’Brien) is a central theme, the film doesn’t shy away from exploring the undeniable spark between Rocky and Laury. Sheridan’s chemistry with Cagney crackles on screen, making their unspoken feelings even more powerful. However, Laury’s unwavering loyalty to Pat prevents her from pursuing a romance with Rocky.

Sheridan’s performance is a masterclass in portraying emotional nuance. She captures the joy of reuniting with Rocky, the playful banter between childhood friends, and the frustration that simmers as she witnesses his descent into violence. But it’s during their confrontations that Sheridan truly shines.

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