Stiletto’s London: A Raw Snapshot of the Booming 80s

The 1980s in London was a wild ride, of social change, iconic fashion, and booming music scenes. And Johnny Stiletto, armed with his trusty 35mm camera, was there to capture it all. He didn’t pose people or set up shots; he simply roamed the streets, documenting the raw, unfiltered energy of everyday life.

Stiletto’s photos are like a time capsule of ’80s hairstyles. Think towering bouffants, gravity-defying spikes, and feathered mullets that would make even a peacock jealous. Every haircut was a statement, a way to express individuality and rebel against the norm. It was a time when hair was art, and Stiletto’s photos are a living gallery of this flamboyant era.

A Glimpse into London’s Soul

But Stiletto’s photos aren’t just about fashion. They capture the spirit of London itself – a city buzzing with energy, where every street corner tells a story. You’ll see punks with their studded jackets and mohawks, mods with their sharp suits and scooters, and New Romantics with their flamboyant makeup and ruffled shirts.

You’ll witness the vibrant street markets, where vendors hawk their wares and musicians play for spare change. You’ll see the graffiti-covered walls, a testament to the city’s thriving underground art scene. And you’ll feel the pulse of the city’s political life, with protests and rallies captured in candid moments.

Stiletto’s photos also document the changing face of London in the ’80s. You’ll see the rise of new neighborhoods like Covent Garden, once a gritty fruit and vegetable market, transformed into a trendy shopping and entertainment district. You’ll witness the growing influence of yuppies, young urban professionals who embraced a new wave of consumerism.

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