Las Vegas In The 1990s: Fascinating Photos That Will Take You Back In Time

In the 1990s, businesses, hotels, and casinos started looking for alternate ways of getting visitors to open their wallets, so they tried a different approach and promoted Las Vegas as a family vacation destination. The Excalibur Hotel, MGM Grand Adventures Park, and Casinos opened on the Las Vegas Strip started the Sin City’s family-friendly era. The 1990s was the era of mega-hotels and theme parks. In 1993, a unique pink-domed 5-acre indoor amusement park, Grand Slam Canyon, became part of the Circus Circus hotel. Las Vegas elected its first female mayor, Jan Laverty Jones. The Neon Museum was founded in 1996 that features signs from old casinos and other businesses displayed outdoors on 2.62 acres.

Several movies were also made that kept the freedom and pop culture of the city alive such as ‘Indecent Proposal (1993)’, ‘Leaving Las Vegas (1995)’ and ‘Showgirls (1995)’. Here below are some photos that will take you back to the 1990s Las Vegas.

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#8 Holy Cow! Brewery, Las Vegas Blvd S & Sahara, June 27, 1996.

#11 Construction of Fremont Street Experience, August 1995

#14 Excalibur, before it’s grand opening. Las Vegas, 1990

#16 Poolside at Shangri-La Bar, Imperial Palace, Las Vegas, 1991.

#17 Fremont Street just after being closed to traffic, 1994

#18 Stratosphere under construction, Las Vegas, 1994.

#19 Hacienda, December 31, 1996 – fireworks show right before the tower implosion.

#24 Under the marquee of 4 Queens, Fremont St, August 1966

#34 Vegas World closed. Stratosphere under construction. Las Vegas, 1995.

#38 Fremont & Main – view from the top of Plaza Hotel.

#39 Luxor Hotel & Casino under construction, c. November, 1992.

#41 Construction of Fremont Street Experience, Summer 1995.

#44 Wreckage of the Las Vegas Hilton sign after a storm, July 21, 1994.

#46 Las Vegas Transit, October 1991. South of Tropicana.

#47 Bourbon Street and Maxim on Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, 1991

#54 Royal Hotel & Casino, Convention Center Dr, June 1995

#61 1-Hour Duo-Cleaning at Strip Centre, Las Vegas, 1991.

#62 Mid-Towner Hotel, 211 N. 7th St., Las Vegas, 1990

#70 Denny’s and Joey’s New Yorker on the right, present location of Casino Royale.

Denny’s and Joey’s New Yorker on the right, present location of Casino Royale.

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    • As someone born in 1970 who was present in Las Vegas during the 80s and 90s, I can attest that my imagination would often run wild during that time. The smaller casino hotels added an element of mystery to the city, as there was much we didn’t know. My favorite places to stay were the Imperial Palace and Circus Circus, both of which were popular at the time but not nearly as large as they are today.

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