Cool Vintage Photos Of 1960s Las Vegas Offering A Glimpse Into Everyday Life

By the early 1960s, the population of Las Vegas was over 92,000, and the city was thriving with development projects, especially the casinos and hotels. The biggest stars of the era were invited into hotels, casinos, and showrooms, such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Peter Lawford, Andy Williams, Peter Lawford, Sophia Loren, and several others. Las Vegas was a destination, not just for roulette and card games. It was also an era of class where everyone dressed to impress on the casino floor, by the pool, or in the glittering showrooms.

Take a look at the following photos that show what Las Vegas looked like in the 1960s. And you would also love these photos of Las Vegas in the 1950s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

#1 A beautiful view of Las Vegas boulevard at night, 1967.

#3 Tropicana dancers dress for a show celebrating the centennial of the original Folies Bergere, at Hotel Tropicana, Las Vegas, 1969.

#4 A view down the Las Vegas Strip, with the Dunes hotel and casino on the right, 1968.

#5 Outside view of the Stardust International Raceway, Las Vegas, 1966.

#7 Women competing in National Archery Tournament, Las Vegas, 1962.

#8 Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens at Las Vegas, 1969.

#9 Ann-Margret sits on the railing of a hotel balcony in Las Vegas, 1969.

#10 Bathing beauties enjoy iced drinks in a bar in Las Vegas, 1960.

#11 Fremont Street at night lit up by gambling casino, Las Vegas, 1961.

#12 Night view of the Stardust Casino, Las Vegas, 1960.

#19 Boardwalk Casino And Roller Coaster, Las Vegas, 1969.

#20 People rolling dice at craps table at casino, Las Vegas, 1960

#21 People gambling at Caesar’s Palace casino, 1966.

#22 Showgirls Noelle Nelson, Paula Calchester, and Ann Adler frolic at the pool at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, 1961

#23 Three women play the slot machines at a swimming pool casino in the Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, 1965

#24 Flamingo Hotel on the famed Strip in Las Vegas, 1968.

#25 Las Vegas Convention Center’s billboard advertising two performances by Beatles, 1964.

#26 Taxis and Pedestrians on Las Vegas Casino Street, 1967.

#27 View of hotels alongside the road, including the Sands Hotel and the Landmark Hotel, Las Vegas, 1968.

#28 The Entrance to Caesar’S Palace in Las Vegas, July 1967

#29 Four Queens Hotel and Fremont Hotel at night, Las Vegas, 1967.

#33 Casinos along East Fremont Street, Las Vagas, 1964.

#34 The dancer girls of Folies Bergere at the plush Hotel Tropicana, Las Vegas, 1968

#35 Beatles arriving at the Hotel Sahara through a freight entrance, Las Vegas, 1964.

#36 View looking north along Las Vegas Boulevard (also known as the Las Vegas Strip), 1965.

#37 Elvis Presley and Bobby Darin at the Hotel Sahara in Las Vegas, 1960.

#39 Sign for future location of the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas desert, January 1960.

#40 Gene Kelly with he Folies Bergere Showgirls in Las Vegas, 1969.

#42 Black Jack dealers Dianne mcmillin and Jaye Boack at the Silver Nugget Casino, Las Vegas, 1966.

#43 Harrah’s Club in Las Vegas showcasing Frankie Lane, 1960.

#46 Dean Martinperforms at the Sahara casino in Las Vegas, 1960.

#47 Showgirls stand on stage with candelabra in their hands during a performance of ‘Romantic Reverie,’at the Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, 1960.

#48 Las Vegas main strip with neon signs for Golden Nugget, 1960.

#53 The new look of the 777-room Sands Hotel and Casino along the Las Vegas Boulevard, 1967.

#54 A night view of neon lights in Las Vegas, December 1969.

#56 Peter Lawford, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr, and Dean Martin at Sands Hotel in Las Vegas in February 1960.

#57 A lovely Jean Gardner of the Flamingo Hotel reminds you that there are only 14 shopping days left before Christmas, Las Vegas, 1960s.

#59 The Alaria Ballet Company of Argentina performing quasi tribal dance during a French Revue floor show at the Stardust hotel & casino, Las Vegas, 1960.

#60 A prop slot machine backstage at the Royal Nevada Hotel and Casino, 1960.

#61 Motorcycle stunt man Evel Knievel jumping over the fountain at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, 1967.

#63 A sign for future location of the El Morocco casino and hotel in Las Vegas desert, 1960.

#64 Muhammad Ali vs Floyd Patterson, 1965 World Heavyweight Title in Las Vegas.

#65 Kart Olympics Queen Rosalind Roberts Flagging to Start a Race, Las Vegas, 1961.

#66 Newlyweds Elvis and Priscilla Presley,prepare to board their private jet following their wedding at the Aladdin Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, 1967.

#67 Muhammad Ali while training for match vs Floyd Patterson on Las Vegas Strip, 1965.

#68 Frank Sinatra kissing her daughter Tina, Las Vegas, 1965.

#69 Animals performing during the opening of Circus Casino in Las Vegas, 1969.

#70 Actress Mia Farrow and plays a violin, Las Vegas, 1966.

#71 Woman throwing dice at a Craps Table, Las Vegas, 1960s.

Woman throwing dice at a Craps Table, Las Vegas, 1960s.

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#72 A croupier dealing a hand at a swimming pool casino at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, 1965.

A croupier dealing a hand at a swimming pool casino at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, 1965.

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#73 Tanya, the siamese elephant who performs on stage at Dunes, Las Vegas, 1966.

Tanya, the siamese elephant who performs on stage at Dunes, Las Vegas, 1966.

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