1970s San Francisco: Fascinating Vintage Photos Show Street Scenes And Everyday Life

The 1970s San Francisco was beautiful, flamboyant, and alive. There were, cable cars, neon lights lined up the buildings that glow at night, theaters on every block, and the food was served on the streets, crabs, and lobsters were also served on the streets. The city was at the forefront of fashion, music, and the counterculture movement. The skyline was unmarked by the hideous new buildings.

It was the era of hippies, bohemians, buskers, bongo-drum players, and jewelry makers. Golden Gate Park was where many hippies congregated and hung out and there was a lot of nudity as well. It was common to see a naked hippy playing the guitar or a naked man and woman making love while bands played music. Haight-Ashbury was a neighborhood where most of the things were free. It also became trashed in the early 70s, and the government moved in to clean up Haight Ashbury in 1972 and 73.

These amazing photos will take you back to the 1970s San Francisco.

Written by Aung Budhh

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