WWI Propaganda Posters: The Posters That Sold World War I to the American Public

The United States entered World War I, in 1917 in alliance with France and Great Britain. The U.S. Army had just 133,000 troops and the government desperately needed finical public support, and military recruitments to fight. Congress passed the Selective Service Act, which led to around 2.8 million recruitments by the end of the Great War. Around 2 million more Americans voluntarily served in the armed forces during the conflict.

The U.S. government used propaganda posters to encourage the public to support military activities. These posters were made of patriotic and attention-grabbing slogans, convincing people to support the government and military. These posters were published in newspapers and magazines. In 1917 the U.S. government’s public information committee formed a Division of Pictorial Publicity, and their main goal was to use the advertising techniques in messaging the war news.

Take a look at some of the US WWI posters below.

#1 142 years young and still strong Uncle Sam is going to war

#3 This Liberty loan promotion looked pretty hot in 1917. And it worked!

#4 The people of the Rainbow Division helping to win the war by investing into loans

#6 That’s how the emancipation became even stronger in US. Women will get their election right 10 years after WWI

#8 Liberty is calling. And asking for billions of dollars. You could buy much more for those billions 100 years ago

#9 Not all of the US citizens knew that the Germany was ruled by the Kaiser during WWI

#16 Not all of the US citizens knew about Serbia, but they had to save it

#17 Everything is important during war times. Corn seeds are needed too

#18 A liitle starving child brought back to life because you went without luxury

#22 A basket of food sits in front of a silhouette of mounted soldiers

#23 A boy holds a sword labeled ‘Be Prepared’, another person wearing a flag holds a shield behind the boy

#24 A boy plowing over a battle in the background to recruit young men to join the U.S. Boys’ Working Reserve, ‘the Army behind the Army’

#25 A boy waving a flag and a girl stand beside one another

#28 A man working a ship for the United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corp

#29 A marine carrying a stack of books and a rifle with a bayonet

#30 A Marine stands in front of a vertically hung American flag

#31 A member of the Red Cross received a service flag as a memento to display in their window and encourages others to join the Red Cross

#32 A nurse holding an American flag as ‘the spirit of America,’ and urges others to join the Red Cross

#33 A sailor riding a submersible as if he is a cowboy, with reins in one hand and a whip in the other

#34 A sailor, workman, and soldier walking arm-in-arm on a dock

#35 A shipyard employee lifts an arm into the air while holding a tool

#36 A soldier operating a machine gun holds a hand out towards the viewer

#38 A soldier with a rifle and bayonet stands over the body of a deceased German soldier

#39 A solider putting down his gear and preparing to cross a bridge of books towards a city

#40 A U.S. Marine walking along a dock, holding a rifle over his shoulder

#41 A waiter looking askance at a glutinous gentlemen, who has ordered five plates of food, none of which he finished

#42 A winged woman wearing a white toga carrying a sword and a branch

#43 A woman carries a large American Flag while standing on a globe

#44 A woman extends one arm, holding a wreath, her other hand clutches a flag that is behind her

#45 A woman wearing a dress styled after the American flag holds a basket and sows seeds

#46 A woman with gray hair holds her arms out towards the viewer

#47 A young nurse wearing a Red Cross uniform reaches out to the audience while soldiers march behind her

#48 An American soldier stopping a German soldier from harming a woman and child to convince Americans to buy government bonds

#49 An older man flanked by two young men, bringing in food from a home garden

#50 Attractive young woman in flowing white dress holding an American flag above her head as soldiers march by

#51 Canned tomatoes, peas, and ‘monarch brand unsweetened,’ to inspire Americans to preserve food through canning

#52 Colonial-era celebratory crowd in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA

#54 Lady Liberty urging Americans to buy liberty bonds, which would be redeemable for the bond’s purchase price with interest after the end of the war

#55 Lady Liberty-like figure holding a scale weighing fresh fruits and vegetables and canned preserves, countless women stand behind her

#56 Man using a rivet gun in the foreground, and a soldier holding a rifle in the background

#57 Marines are shown doing multiple training activities

#58 Marines charge into a battle while French citizens looks gratefully towards them

#59 Poster encourages Americans to buy Liberty Bonds, saying that USA means ‘You Subscribe At Once’

#60 Poster encourages factory workers to work quickly

#61 Poster encourages people to buy War Saving Stamps, used by the U. S. Government to pay for World War I

#62 Poster implies the quickly building ships will help America win World War I

#63 Poster urges Americans to eat fish because ‘they feed themselves,’ unlike land animals

#64 Posters shows a U.S. Marine holding a rifle with bayonet that recruiting men to join the U.S. Marines, using the Marine battle cry ‘E-E-E-YAH-YIP’

#66 The Statue of Liberty and a ship pulling into New York Harbor to appeal to immigrants and urge them to buy Liberty Loans

#67 The Statue of Liberty stands in front of a sky colored like the American Flag with text asks Americans to purchase Liberty Loans

#68 The Y.W.C.A. Bureau for Social Education’s campaign to ‘Building For Health’

#69 Three men in casual suits walking away from a three rifles and a pile of clothing

#70 Two American soldiers fighting in a muddy and barbed wire-filled landscape

#71 Two marines on a beach, one waves a flag while the other watches ships through binoculars

#73 Two men in uniform stand in front of an American flag, with one holding a poster that reads, ‘We Depend On You’

#74 Two men look out towards a body of water while an airplane flies in the background

#75 Two men work to build a ship under an American flag

#76 Two soldiers stand in front of a mountain, one of whom is on a horse

#77 Two white horses pull a cart full of coal with a man shoveling the coal

#78 U.S. Marine raising a pistol to his shoulder while standing in front of an American flag

#79 Uncle Sam pouring out a cornucopia full of fruit and vegetables

#80 Uncle Sam shakes hands with two men in uniform. In the background, soldiers walk with rifles and bayonets

#81 Uncle Sam with one arm around a young man in uniform, and one arm around an older man holding a War Savings Pledge

#82 War Savings Stamps as an ammunition belt, feeding into a soldier’s machine gun

#84 World War I poster that urges the American people to make contributions to help Armenians and Syrians in distress

#85 Poster that urges Americans to rely on corn in their cooking, allowing wheat to be sent overseas to feed soldiers and European allies

#86 Poster urges to American women to buy War Saving Stamps by using Joan of Arc as a symbol of female patriotism

#87 Wounded soldier looking towards the horizon where a red cross appears in the sun

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