The Golden Age of Taunus: Vintage Photos Showcasing Ford’s Iconic Cars in the 1950s

In the world of vintage automobiles, few cars stand out as emblematic of the 1950s as the Ford Taunus. This German marvel, produced by Ford Germany, embodied a new wave of post-war automotive design and manufacturing.

The Ford Taunus, named after the Taunus mountain range in Germany, first hit the roads in 1939. However, it was the 1950s models that truly captured the hearts of car enthusiasts and casual drivers alike.

In 1952, the Ford Taunus 12M model debuted. It was a complete departure from the earlier Taunus model with a new body style, and it introduced several advanced features. This model was also known as the “World Car” because Ford intended to sell it in all markets without substantial modifications. A key aspect of the 12M was the introduction of the ponton, or envelope body, a design that fully integrated the fenders into the body, a first for Ford in Europe.

Then, in 1955, Ford launched the Taunus 15M. With a more powerful engine and an upgraded design, the 15M was a significant leap forward. The 15M was distinguishable from the 12M by its larger chrome grille, broader rear window, and more elaborate tail lights.

However, it was the Ford Taunus 17M launched in 1957 that truly became an icon of the 1950s. With a body designed by the legendary Uwe Bahnsen, it was a marvel of styling and elegance. The 17M, also known as the “Badewanne” (bathtub) due to its streamlined appearance, featured a sleek, rounded body that was considered very chic at the time.

The Taunus models of the 1950s were not just about looks – they also offered performance. Ford introduced new engines with increased horsepower, and these cars were renowned for their smooth and comfortable ride. The cars were also designed with practicality in mind, featuring spacious interiors and large trunks, making them an excellent choice for families.

The Taunus series also reflected the economic prosperity of the 1950s. As more and more families could afford cars, Ford Taunus models became a common sight on the roads of Europe. They were reliable, affordable, and their designs reflected the optimistic spirit of the times.

#12 Ford Taunus 12 M, Karl-Marx-Straße, West Berlin’s Neukölln district, Berlin, 1954

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