Tala Birell: Life Story and Gorgeous Photos of the most beautiful Romanian Actress

Tala Birell was a Romanian actress and model. She was a beautiful blonde with a magical voice.  During her stage career in Germany and Austria, Briell replaced Marlene Dietrich’s role. With her cold, glamorous beauty, she became a “Second Garbo” in Hollywood during WWII.

Birell made her stage debut in a Berlin production of Madame Pompadour. She starred as a brave Russian in ‘China (1943)’, Madame Bouchard of the French Resistance in ‘Till We Meet Again (1944)’, Doctor Elise Bork in ‘Jungle Queen (1945)’, and Yvette Aubert, the French adventurer, and entertainer, in Women in the ‘Night (1948)’.

She performed at the Belasco Theatre in New York City in 1940 in My Dear Children. Among her Broadway credits was Order Please (1934). Tala returned home to Germany, where she took up residence with her mother, who lived in Munich. She was appointed by the Special Service Headquarters of the U.S. in 1951. Military in Nuremberg organizes theatrical productions in Germany, France, and Austria for the G.I.s stationed there. Her duty was to supervise entertainment at military clubs in Munich, Nuremberg, and Orléans (France).

Birell made her final screen appearance in the 1953 U.S. anthology drama television series Orient Express. In 1957, she retired due to health reasons, and she died shortly after that. Her cause of death is unknown.  She is buried in the family tomb in Marquartstein, Bavaria, Germany.

Below are some gorgeous photos of Tala Birell from her career and life.

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