Norman Seeff’s Intimate Portraits of Celebrities and Icons from the 1970s and 1980s

The 1970s and 80s were a wild time for music, movies, and pop culture in general. It was a time of bell-bottoms, disco balls, and big hair. And right in the thick of it, camera in hand, was Norman Seeff. He wasn’t your average photographer, though. Norman was more of a creative partner, capturing not just images, but the very essence of his famous subjects.

Norman Seeff wasn’t interested in stiff, posed photos. He called his photo shoots “sessions,” and they were more like hanging out with a friend. He wanted his subjects to be relaxed and themselves, so he talked with them, got to know them, and sometimes even made music with them. This laid-back vibe led to some of the most real and unguarded celebrity photos ever taken.

He also captured some of the biggest actors and icons of the era. There’s a photo of Steve Martin, the comedian, looking surprisingly serious and contemplative. It’s a side of him we don’t often see, a reminder that there’s more to him than just laughs. Another shows Cher, the pop star, looking both glamorous and vulnerable at the same time. It’s a photo that captures her beauty and her humanity.

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