Marilyn Monroe at Home: A Glimpse into the Private Life of an Icon, 1953

The year is 1953. Marilyn Monroe, the blonde bombshell with the world at her feet, invites a photographer into her home for a rare glimpse into her private life. Alfred Eisenstaedt, a renowned photographer known for capturing candid moments of celebrities, is the lucky man behind the lens. The resulting photographs offer a fascinating look at Marilyn, away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Pants and a Turtleneck

In these intimate shots, Marilyn is dressed in simple white pants and a black turtleneck. She looks relaxed and at ease, lounging on her patio, surrounded by lush greenery. In some photos, she switches to checkered pants, adding a touch of playfulness to her look. This is Marilyn in her element, a far cry from the carefully constructed persona she presents to the world.

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Eisenstaedt was known for his ability to capture the essence of his subjects. He doesn’t try to pose her or make her look a certain way. Instead, he lets her be herself, and the results are stunning.

We see Marilyn laughing, reading, and simply enjoying a quiet moment at home. Her smile is genuine, her eyes sparkle with warmth, and there’s a sense of vulnerability that’s both endearing and captivating. These photographs show us a side of Marilyn that we rarely see, a side that’s more relatable and human.

The Patio

The patio seems to be a special place for Marilyn. It’s a sanctuary where she can escape the pressures of fame and simply be herself. She’s surrounded by nature, with potted plants and flowers adding a touch of color to the scene. It’s a peaceful setting that allows Marilyn to unwind and recharge.

In one photograph, Marilyn is perched on the edge of a chair, her legs crossed, a book resting in her lap. She looks lost in thought, perhaps contemplating her next role or reflecting on her life. In another, she’s leaning against a wall, her head tilted back, soaking up the sun. The photographs offer a glimpse into Marilyn’s inner world, a world that’s often hidden from view.

Interestingly, Eisenstaedt accidentally mixed up his cameras during the shoot, resulting in both black and white and color photographs. Most of the photos that turned out well were in black and white, but two color photographs survived the mishap. These two color photos are particularly striking, as they capture Marilyn’s vibrant personality and the warmth of the setting.

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