Hilariously Bizarre Christmas Cards from the Victorian Era featuring Animals

The Victorians loved Christmas. We know this because they basically invented the holiday as we know it today. Christmas trees, carols, family feasts – all these traditions have roots in the Victorian era. But when we think of Victorian Christmas cards, we usually imagine sweet scenes with robins, snow, and rosy-cheeked children. Well, get ready for a surprise. It turns out, Victorians had a rather peculiar sense of humor, and their Christmas cards were… well, let’s just say a bit more on the wild side.

Forget cuddly kittens and peaceful winter wonderlands. Victorian Christmas cards often featured some pretty bizarre and even disturbing imagery. Dead birds, giant insects being tormented by children, and a whole menagerie of animals engaging in rather questionable activities – these were the holiday greetings Victorians exchanged. Let’s delve into this strange and fascinating world of vintage Christmas cheer.

Robins are a classic symbol of Christmas, especially in Britain. But on Victorian Christmas cards, these little red-breasted fellows often met rather unfortunate ends. We’re talking birds impaled on thorns, trapped in cages, and even being served up on a platter as the main course. Not exactly the festive image we’re used to, right? It’s like sending your grandma a card with a picture of a cooked turkey for Thanksgiving.

Victorians weren’t particularly fond of insects either. Christmas cards often depicted children torturing beetles, butterflies pinned to cards like morbid decorations, and other creepy-crawlies meeting untimely demises. It’s enough to make you wonder if these folks were secretly celebrating Halloween instead of Christmas.

Animals were a common theme on Victorian Christmas cards, but they weren’t exactly portrayed in a Disney-esque light. Cats dressed as chefs serving mice on platters, frogs attacking birds, and even rabbits armed with guns – these were just a few of the strange scenes Victorians deemed appropriate for spreading holiday cheer. Talk about a wild kingdom!

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