Phoenix in 1944: Documenting the City's Growth Through Photography during War-time

In 1944, Phoenix, Arizona was a rapidly growing city with a population of approximately 120,000 people. The city had developed into a major center for agriculture and military, with cotton, citrus, and cattle being the main agricultural products and several military bases for training and production.

During this time, Phoenix played an important role in the war effort through the production of war materials and the training of military personnel. The city was home to several military bases, including Williams Airfield and Falcon Field, which were used for training pilots and aircrews. Additionally, the city was home to several factories that produced aircraft parts, ordinance and other military equipment.

As the war continued, Phoenix’s economy boomed, due to the demand for war materials, and many new businesses and industries were established. The war also brought many new residents to the area, many of whom decided to stay after the war and contribute to the city’s growth and development.

However, the city also faced some challenges during this time. The influx of military personnel and defense workers put a strain on the city’s infrastructure, leading to a shortage of housing and other resources. The government built temporary housing and barracks to accommodate the influx of people. The city also faced shortages of food, gasoline, and other goods. The citizens were encouraged to save resources and to buy war bonds to support the war effort.

#3 View looking north on Central Ave. from approximately the intersection of Adams and Central. The Hotel Adams and San Carlos Hotel are visible, 1944

#4 Southwest Corner of W. Washington St. and Central Ave., 1944

#19 Smith Booth Usher Co. Employees in Front of Building, 1944

#20 Men Standing in Front of Union Oil Co. Truck, 1944

#27 Soft Water Service Co. Building Exterior and Truck, 1944

#31 Pump Sold and Installed by the O. S. Stapley Co., 1944

#42 Intersection of E. Van Buren and 17th Street, 1944

#44 General Auto Parts Building Exterior and Lot, 1944

#54 Women Playing Badminton at Good Samaritan Hospital, 1944

#59 Intersection of E. Van Buren and Fourth Streets, 1944

#69 King’s Rest Hotel Motor Court View From Street, 1944

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