1930s Moscow Through the Lens of Eirik Sundvor: A Norwegian Journalist’s Perspective

In 1935, Eirik Sundvor, a Norwegian journalist, embarked on a journey to the Soviet Union, capturing the essence of Moscow during a time of tumultuous change. His photographs and accounts provide a unique window into this period, marked by rapid industrialization under the Stalinist regime.

The Backdrop: Moscow in the 1930s

Moscow in the 1930s was a city caught in a whirlwind of transformation. The Soviet government, under Joseph Stalin, was aggressively pursuing industrialization to match the West’s advancements. This drive was not just an economic campaign but also a symbol of the Soviet Union’s ambition to establish itself as a global power.

Central to this transformation was the first five-year plan, initiated in 1928, focusing on boosting heavy industries like steel and coal. Moscow became a focal point for this industrial surge, reshaping the city’s landscape and society.

Moscow witnessed a significant increase in population during this period, as people from rural areas flocked to the city for industrial work. This rapid urbanization brought about drastic changes in living conditions, with the construction of new housing and infrastructure to accommodate the growing populace.

Eirik Sundvor’s Observations

Sundvor’s journey through Moscow allowed him to capture the essence of everyday life amidst these significant changes. His photographs provide an unvarnished look at the city – from the bustling streets to the expanding industrial zones.

What stands out in Sundvor’s work is the focus on the people of Moscow. His images depict a wide array of residents, from workers in the factories to the everyday people navigating life in a rapidly evolving city. These visuals offer a poignant glimpse into the human side of industrialization.

Sundvor’s work captures the contrasts of the era – the optimism of industrial progress against the backdrop of a repressive political climate. These photographs serve as a testament to the resilience of the people living through these challenging times.

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