Marilyn Monroe In Potato Sack Dress In 1951 Proves That She Looked Beautiful In Anything

Marilyn Monroe was one of the most popular photogenic actresses, and she has many iconic photographs. There are thousands of photographs of her in existence. Her photographs in fitted burlap potato sack are also stunning, and she looked beautiful in it.

Why did Marilyn Monroe wear a potato sack?

There are two famous stories behind this unique fashion.

One story claim that Marilyn Monroe was once wearing a provocative low-cut red dress in ap arty at Beverly Hills hotel. A female journalist called Monroe ‘cheap and vulgar’. She even wrote that Monroe would have looked better in a potato sack. Twentieth Century fox decided to fulfill her wish, and they photographed Marilyn Monroe in fitting burlap potato sack to prove that she would look appealing in anything. These photographs were published in Newspapers and magazines throughout the country.

The other story claim that some just made a random statement that Monroe could make a potato sack look sexy, and Twentieth Century fox proved him right.

Written by Orla Morris

Full-time dress and costume designer, Half Persian half Italian. I still don’t know how to write, but i'm writing and you are reading :)

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