Beautiful Photos of Marilyn Monroe During the Filming of ‘Love Happy’, June 1949

Love Happy is a musical comedy movie, and it was the 13th and final feature film of the Marx Brothers. This movie a treasure for die-hard Harpo fans and it was the last film that featured the three Marx brothers (Groucho, Chico, and Harpo). The story revolves around a theatre production called ‘love happy’ and a missing diamond necklace in a sardine tin. The other cast members perform well, and the songs are not too cheesy. Marilyn Monroe also starred as a ‘Grunion’s Client’, and she only appeared in the final scene.

Former silent film star Mary Pickford produced this film. The shooting began in July 1948, but the movie released after two years in 1950.

Here are some gorgeous photos of Marilyn Monroe during the filming of Love Happy in June 1949.

#1 Marilyn Monroe with Groucho Marx and fall foul of a man with a gun in a scene from ‘Love Happy’, 1949.

#2 Marilyn Monroe finds Groucho Marx hiding in a ship’s funnel in the crime caper ‘Love Happy’, 1949.

#4 Marilyn Monroe embraces Groucho Marx in a scene from the film ‘Love Happy’, 1949.

#7 Marilyn Monroe promoting the movie ‘Love Happy’, 1949.

#8 Marilyn Monroe and Don Defore playing cards on a train from New York City to Warrenburg, 1949.

#9 Marilyn Monroe with a man and woman during her movie proomotion, 1949.

#10 Marilyn Monroe with actor Lon McAllister riding on a train for the promotion of movie ‘Love Happy’, 1949.

#11 Marilyn Monroe on a train during the promotion of ‘Love Happy’, 1949.

#13 Marilyn Monroe applying lipstick on the set of ‘Love Happy’, 1949.

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