Fashionable Flappers: Glamorous Portraits of 1920s Melbourne Women

The Melbourne girls of the 1920s lived in a time of significant change and social upheaval. After World War I, women gained more independence, and this was reflected in their fashion choices. They embraced a new, more liberated style, breaking away from the Victorian era’s restrictive corsets and long skirts. Hemlines rose, and women began wearing shorter, more form-fitting dresses showing their figures.

Makeup, once considered scandalous, became more popular, and women started experimenting with bold lipstick and eyeshadow colors. This newfound freedom also extended to other areas of life, with women seeking greater equality in the workplace and in their personal relationships. Despite their challenges, Melbourne girls of the 1920s embraced this new era of modernity and celebrated their newfound freedom through their fashion choices.

Here are stunning and glamorous studio portraits of young women in Melbourne during the 1920s.

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