50+ Historic Photos Show Everyday Life & Culture Of Egypt From Late 19th Century

Egypt is the land of the world’s oldest civilizations and their ancient ruins. It shares land borders with Israel, Libya, Sudan, and Palestine. Egypt has a desert climate, and as such Egyptian weather is generally hot and sunny all year round, and only about an inch of rain falls throughout Egypt each year. However, the Nile River provides enough water for trees, crops, and other needs. Egypt’s geography, population, and military strength have made it highly influential in the region, and it has a stable economy. Egypt’s tourism industry remains a key part of its economy. In the year 2019, almost 10 million tourists visited Egypt. Its culture, people, and lifestyle are documented in photographs since the beginning of photography. Bygonely has compiled a list of photos from the late 19th century that show Egyptian culture. Vote your favorites, and don’t forget to share.

#8 Feed boats (trodden straw) unloading on the Nile, Egypt

#55 A dragoman asleep on his ‘ship of the desert’

#56 A group of Bisharin before their tent at Wady Halfa, Egypt

#61 European tourists and local guides climb one of the pyramids at Giza

#87 Cairo Citadel. Interior of the Al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qala’un (or Qalawun) Mosque, 1865.

#92 Giza. Pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure (Chefren and Mykerinus), 1865

#98 Cairo. Egyptian Home (Interior, Staircase), 1865.

#134 Egyptian bootblacks cleaning a European’s shoes in Cairo, 1870

#135 A white lady in crinoline, attended by two women, in a harem in Cairo, 1870

#136 Hired musicians, riding camels “decked in gaudy trappings”, lead the bridal party to the house of the bridegroom, Cairo, 1890

#137 Old buildings in the Touloun quarter of Cairo. Examples of highly decorated “mashrubiyeh” windows, 1880

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