A Photographic Tour of Tooting, South London in 1990s by Peter Marshall

Step back into the 1990s and journey with us to Tooting, a vibrant neighborhood nestled in South London. Back then, Tooting was a melting pot of cultures, a place where the familiar blended with the exotic, and everyday life had a unique rhythm.

The high street, Tooting’s bustling heart, was a parade of independent shops. Family-run butchers displayed their cuts of meat, while green grocers piled their stalls high with colorful fruits and vegetables. Fishmongers enticed passersby with the day’s freshest catch, their displays glistening with scales and ice. Amidst these traditional shops, newsagents offered a glimpse into current events, their shelves brimming with newspapers and magazines.

Clothing stores catered to various tastes, from trendy boutiques showcasing the latest fashions to practical shops offering school uniforms and everyday wear. Music lovers found solace in record stores, where stacks of vinyl and cassettes promised hours of listening pleasure. The aroma of freshly baked bread wafted from local bakeries, tempting everyone with crusty loaves and sweet pastries.

Tooting Market, a covered haven of treasures, was a must-visit. Stalls overflowed with fabrics in every color imaginable, while others offered clothing alterations and repairs. Household goods, toys, and trinkets were all part of the market’s diverse offerings. The sounds of haggling and chatter created a lively atmosphere, a testament to the community spirit that thrived within the market’s walls.

Dining in Tooting was an adventure for the taste buds. Traditional pubs served up classic British fare like fish and chips, bangers and mash, and Sunday roasts. Curry houses, a Tooting staple, offered aromatic dishes from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The air buzzed with the friendly chatter of families and friends sharing meals and stories.

Below are some fascinating photos by Peter Marshall of Tooting from 1990s that will take you back.

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