A Look Back at the Iconic Polka Dot Swimsuits of the Past

Polka dots have always been a classic print, and nowhere is that more apparent than in vintage swimsuits. From Marilyn Monroe to Esther Williams, some of the most iconic women in history have donned the playful print in swimwear, leaving a lasting impression on fashion.

In the early 20th century, polka dots were all the rage, and swimsuits were no exception. Women in the 1920s and 30s often wore one-piece swimsuits with large, graphic polka dots in black and white or bright colors. These suits were usually modest, covering the legs and arms, but still had a playful and youthful vibe.

As the 1940s rolled around, swimwear became more form-fitting and daring. Polka dots took on a new life, becoming smaller and more subtle, with suits featuring tiny dots in pastel shades. The halter-neck style was also popular, with a polka dot print adding a touch of fun to the sophisticated design.

But perhaps the most iconic polka dot swimsuit of all time is the one worn by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film “How to Marry a Millionaire”. The suit was designed by Jantzen and featured a halter neck, low back, and a bold red polka dot print. Monroe’s sultry pose in the suit has become one of the most recognizable images in Hollywood history.

And it’s not just Hollywood stars who have embraced the polka dot swimsuit. Women around the world have been rocking the playful print for decades, from beachgoers in the 1950s to modern-day fashion icons.

So the next time you’re on the hunt for a swimsuit, consider adding a polka dot print to your collection. With a timeless appeal and a touch of whimsy, it’s a style that’s sure to make you feel confident and stylish, just like the sexy women who rocked it in the past.

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