Spectacular Old Historical Photos Of Buffalo, New York At The Beginning of 20th Century

Buffalo is the second-biggest city in New York State with so many architectural treasures, including historic buildings, churches, and mansions. The Buffalo area was inhabited before the 17th century by the Native American Iroquois tribe. Buffalo grew significantly in the 19th and 20th centuries as a result of the Erie Canal, railroads, and Lake Erie. Automobile, steel, Iron, and meat-packing plants were the primary industries during the 20th century. Buffalo was greatly affected by the great depression, and unemployment increased rapidly. The population of Buffalo was over a half-million at its peak and declined by up to 50% as the industries began to shut down, and people left the Rust Belt for the employment opportunities of the South and West. Erie County has lost population in every census year since 1970.

Here below, we have compiled a list of old Buffalo, NY photos that show streets, landmarks, and everyday life of Buffalo in the 1900s.

#9 Landmarks on view include the Buffalo Savings Bank dome and Hengerer’s department store, Buffalo, New York, circa 1904

Landmarks on view include the Buffalo Savings Bank dome and Hengerer's department store, Buffalo, New York, circa 1904

  1. Hengerer’s! I used to shop for my Mom’s Christmas and birthday presents there. AM&A’s, Berger’s, Hens & Kelly’s (my 8th grade nun was a Hens’ daughter!), Kleinhan’s, Robert Hall. Then there was a ritzy store off Main for men called Peller & Mure.

#17 The merchants of Buffalo, aside from making that fine city a haven for the herniated, circa 1900

#20 Shelton Square, and St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, Prudential Building, Erie County Savings Bank, Buffalo, New York, circa 1908

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