Hollywood’s Sex Goddess: 50+ Glamorous Photos Of Jean Harlow From Her Career

Jean Harlow was an actress and fashion model; she ran away from home and married a businessman. Jean made her debut in movies with a small role in Moran of the Marines (1928). Her big break came in 1930 when she got a role in Hell’s Angels (1930). And after that, she got a major role in several movies and became America’s new sex symbol. However, she was photographed nude at age 17 by Hollywood photographer Edwin Bower Hesser in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park in 1928. Harlow also wrote a novel, “Today Is Tonight,” in the mid-1930s; however, it was published after her death in 1965. Jean Harlow married Charles McGrew; the marriage lasted for barely two years. After that, Jean married Paul Bern, but he committed suicide, and this marriage lasted for two years. In 1933 Jean married cinematographer Harold Rosson, and it lasted for eight months. In 1937, during the filming of Saratoga, Harlow suffered an illness, and after few days, she died from cerebral edema at the age of 26. When ‘Saratoga’ was released later in 1937, the film was a hit. Record numbers of fans poured in theaters to watch the film.

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