A Golden Era: The Bars and Nightclubs of 1950s America

The 1950s were a time of change and growth in the United States, especially in popular culture. Nightlife and entertainment during this decade were centered around bars and nightclubs, which were seen as symbols of sophistication and glamour. These establishments served as gathering places for people to socialize, dance, drink, and listen to live music. The 1950s saw a surge in the popularity of jazz, swing, and rock and roll music, which fueled the growth of bars and nightclubs.

During this decade, many of the most iconic bars and nightclubs were located in cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The most famous of these establishments were the Copacabana, The Stork Club, and the El Morocco in New York City. These venues were frequented by celebrities, politicians, and the wealthy and were known for their luxurious interiors, top-notch entertainment, and high-end drinks.

In addition to the growth of bars and nightclubs, the 1950s saw a rise in the popularity of drive-in restaurants and diners, which offered a more casual alternative to traditional sit-down restaurants. These establishments were popular with young people, who could enjoy food and drinks while cruising around in their cars.

#2 Royal Road’s Victorian Room, Cocktail Bar, Nogales, Arizona

#5 Brookdale Lodge Burl Room Rustic Cocktail Lounge, Santa Cruz County, California

#6 Cirque Room Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California

#7 Crown Room Cocktail Lounge, Fairmont Hotel and Towers, San Francisco, California

#8 El Cortez Hotel Starlite Roof, San Diego, California

#9 Mermaid Room Cocktail Lounge, Fresno Hacienda, California

#10 Sierra Room, Nicely’s Restaurant, Lee Vining, California

#12 Blue Horizon Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant on the ocean at 89th Street, Miami Beach, Florida

#13 Bob Darch Bonanza Room, Escape Hotel, Ft Lauderdale, Florida

#14 Castaways Wreck Bar on the ocean at 163rd Street, Miami Beach, Florida

#15 Castaways Wreck Bar on the ocean at 163rd Street, Miami Beach, Florida

#16 Club Wally Musical Bar and Night Club, Miami, Florida

#17 Gold Room Ridgewood Hotel, Daytona Beach, Florida

#18 Kon Tiki Bar in Harris’ Imperial Lounge, Pompano Beach, Florida

#19 Rum House, Galt Ocean Mile Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

#20 Starlight Room, Belleview-Biltmore, Belleair, Florida

#21 Sun Castle Club and Motor Hotel, Pompano Beach, Florida

#22 The Everglades Roof 18 stories above Miami, Florida

#23 Coq d’Or Cocktail Lounge, Drake Hotel, Chicago, Florida

#24 Stouffer’s Top of the Rock Prudential Building, Chicago, Florida

#26 Avaloch Five Reasons Steak and Ale House, Lenox, Massachusetts

#27 Harborside Inn, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

#28 Merry-Go-Round Lounge, Sheraton-Plaza Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts

#29 Devon Gables Starlit Cocktail Lounge, Bloomfield, Michigan

#30 Top O’ The Strip, Dunes Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

#32 Nevele Country Club Mardi Gras at the Safari Lounge, Ellenville, New York

#33 Purple Tree Lounge, Manager Hotel, Rochester, New York

#35 Gaslight Lounge Fernwood in the Pocono Mountains, Bushkill, Pennsylvania

#36 Mount Airy Lodge, Club Suzanne, Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania

#37 Rock Lodge, Bavarian Room, Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania

#39 Manger Hamilton Hotel Cocktail Lounge, Washington DC

#40 Stockade Room, Jackson Lake Lodge, Teton National Park, Moran, Wyoming

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