Fascinating Vintage Photos of Chenango County, New York in the 1960s

Chenango is a beautiful county located in the central part of the New York State. The title ‘Chenango’ is taken from an Oneida word meaning ‘large bull-thistle’. It has a Board of Supervisors that consists of 23 Town elected officials, serving as representatives at the County level.

The Chenango River, a tributary of the Susquehanna River, flows southward through the county. The county is considered to be in the Southern Tier region of New York State.

Here below are some fascinating vintage photos taken by Lynn Harrington (1915-1999) that show wonderful scenes of this county in the 1960s.

#37 View from the east.

View from the east.

The building in the foreground is the then-new high school, which would go into operation that fall, Norwich, New York, April 1964

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