A Day at the Beach with 23-Year-Old Marilyn Monroe: Tobay Beach, in the Summer of 1949

It was a breezy June day in 1949, and a young starlet named Marilyn Monroe found herself on Tobay Beach, Long Island. This wasn’t just any day at the beach; this was a photoshoot with photographer André de Dienes, a man who would capture some of Marilyn’s most iconic images.

Marilyn, just 23 years old at the time, was on the cusp of fame. She had a few small film roles under her belt, but her star was about to rise. Little did she know that this day at the beach would be immortalized in photographs that would capture her youthful beauty and charm.

The beach was practically deserted, thanks to an unexpected storm that had cleared the crowds. This gave Marilyn and de Dienes the perfect opportunity to create something special. With the wind whipping through her hair and the sand between her toes, Marilyn was in her element.

De Dienes captured Marilyn in a variety of poses, from playful to sultry. She laughed, she twirled, she gazed out at the ocean with a look of wistful longing. In some shots, she wore a simple swimsuit, her curves accentuated by the clinging fabric. In others, she donned a white blouse and skirt, her windblown hair creating a halo around her face.

Her smile was infectious, her eyes sparkling with a hint of mischief. She was a woman who knew how to captivate an audience, even when that audience was just a single photographer. The photographs also captured her essence, her raw appeal, and her undeniable star quality. They were soon published in magazines and newspapers across the country, helping to launch her into the stratosphere of fame.

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