Queenie: The World’s Famous and only Water-Skiing Elephant

Queenie was a female Asian elephant born in 1952 in captivity in Thailand. During the 1950s, she became the world’s only water-skiing elephant thanks to her water-skiing talent.

When she was discovered, she was imported to the United States and put up for sale in a New York pet store. Bill Green and his daughter Elisabeth purchased Queenie at six months and took her to a private zoo in Vermont. The Today Show, American News, and talk shows broadcasted the pre-arrangement buying.

Queenie and Elisabeth become public attractions after bonding. By water skiing, playing harmonica, and even dancing, the team became well-known and featured at state and country fairs, TV shows, and circuses. Elisabeth stated that Queenie was never mistreated during their exhibitions. According to her, the elephant loved water skiing. She even occasionally walked around with a trunk submerged in water, spraying it everywhere.

Queenie appeared on many shows during her career, including The Tonight Show, I’ve Got a Secret, and printed advertisements for Mercury outboard motors. Queenie was sold to an elephant performance team in Michigan in 1967. She was sold to Circus Gatti in 1981.

In 2003, Queenie retired from the Circus Gatti and went to the Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta, Georgia. Unfortunately, she was euthanized in 2011 due to chronic health problems. Queenie was thought to be one of the oldest in North America.

Written by Aung Budhh

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